We manufactured our first product in 1965..

Bichona India is always on the lead in terms of fashion and trends in the garment industry. Gartechno Industries was founded 55 years back, and recently Bichona India is created to make everyone’s bedroom unique, comfortable, and fashionably on point, with our products all hand-cut and custom-designed.


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Why everyone love Bichona India? 

One of our key selling points is that every bed cover is unique; you will never find two pieces of the same design.

Ethical Work Place 

“We use only ethically sourced quality fabric ”

We stand with the commitment to holding an ethical workplace, with our products using only ethically sourced quality fabric. We manufacture in India, and our unique bed covers and duvets are manufactured by adults who are properly compensated, treated with the utmost respect, and given fully ethical working environments. We also don’t practice child labor..

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Product features

Bichona India Products


One Design One Piece 

Every Bichona India product our customer owns is unique, and the same design can't be found anywhere in the world.


Non-Toxic Dyes 

All our products are made from earth friendly dyes. Dyes do not contain heavy metals, nor do they require toxic chemical mordants.


Comfort and Luxury

Transform your room with our highest quality, easy-care and super comfy luxurious linens. specially washed for an instantly relaxed feel.


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