Your Guide to Choosing the Right Cushion Covers

Most people think of cushion covers as simple inventions that function only to cover small pillows or cushions. The truth is, there is more to that. Cushion covers have significant purposes, such as:

  • Adding an aesthetic touch to a bedroom or living area
  • Changing a room’s mood without purchasing new home decors and furniture
  • Providing accent to your interior house design

Cushion covers made from linen are the most recommended type. Aside from being fashionable and exquisite, natural fabric linen that appears to be attractive and provide a pleasing feeling to the human touch. It doesn’t just have aesthetic purposes, but it also offers practical functionality in your household. 

That said, here are some tips that you should consider when choosing the right cushion covers:

1. Let your eyes wander for inspiration

If you are having difficulties in selecting the right color of cushion cover to choose, you may observe the look inside your home to complement it depending on the color of your carpet, couch, and other noticeable features. Avoid using colors that don’t respond well to each other as they may cause eyestrain, which, in turn, eliminates the comfort in your home.

2. Seek more ideas

It won’t hurt to scan through magazines and DIY sites that show interior house designs. You may also look online for helpful images that show cushion cover ideas for a better experience at home. This method will help find tips that will guide you for your cushion cover quest.

3. Be decisive on your target outcome

You should be able to identify whether you prefer a modern or traditional style. Cushion covers that have a modern touch are mostly plain or have simpler designs, while traditional ones have more intricate ornaments. Once you can sort out your preferred style, it will be easier for you to choose the right cushion cover for your home.

4. Know the function of your cushions

By this time, you should be able to identify the primary function and purpose of the cushions at your home. Here are some of the useful questions that you can ponder on:

  • Are they going to function as headrests while you are taking a nap?
  • Are they going to be used for sitting to provide a more comfortable feeling?
  • Will they be used only for aesthetic purposes as just decorative pieces?

If you are going to use them frequently (taking a nap, for sitting, or back support), then washable cushion cover would be the best. For this, you should select a linen cushion cover.

washable linen cushion covers

If the cushion is for a beautiful display for decoration, then you may want to go for synthetic materials.

5. Ask a friend for finalization

As you put an end to your decision, you can ask someone whom you trust when it comes to his or her judgment. Sometimes, your friend can help you confirm that you have picked the right one. However, this is just an optional tip that may help you through your quest, because after all, even the most straightforward details for your home’s decorations always depends on your own decision.