Wedding Gifts for Couple

Wedding is a season of love, family, new beginnings, smiles, and sunshine and merry days. Families and friends of the bride and groom are all excited about the new chapter they will be partaking in. To showcase their love and excitement for the couple’s fresh start, guests think of unique yet highly practical presents to give to the new couple. If you happen to be one of them, then here are some rare yet useful gifts you can give to the lovebirds.


  • Cash - A cash gift or even a cheque may feel a bit awkward, but it is timesaving for you and more practical for the couple. There may be instances wherein the couple may receive two or more gifts of the same content, which is quite impractical for the new couple; a cash gift or gift cheque may be more preferred in this instance. Also, we all know that weddings are costly, especially for the couple; then, giving them a cash gift may somehow lighten up the burden of the costs.
  • Holiday/Honeymoon Package - If you are feeling generous, and then an all-expense-paid romantic getaway is a great idea to give to the couple. It will allow the couple to spend time together and relax from all the pressures and the busy preparations for their big day; what’s even more exciting is that they don’t have to spend a penny for it.
  • Gift Voucher - If you don’t know what to give to the new couple, then a gift voucher may do. Coupons from their favorite store or retail shops will allow the couple to purchase items according to their tastes, wants, and needs. It will be timesaving for you and will also enable the couple to have something they want or need, a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Home Appliances - A great gift to give to the new couple that they could use in their new home is a home appliance, either a TV, home theatre, microwave oven, food processor, other essential in their new home. However, in this case, you have to know the couple’s wants or needs or if they already have the appliance to avoid duplication and impracticality.
  • Furniture - Giving them a piece of furniture contributes a lot to the new couple’s fresh start. It may be a dining set of their dreams, a cozy recliner to allow them to relax, or a king-size bed, surely they will be forever grateful to you. But like giving home appliances, the same principle goes with furniture; you have to know the couple’s preference personally, or if they have already purchased the furniture you are about to give to avoid redundancy and uselessness.
  • Bed Covers - If the couple already owns a queen-size or king-size bed, then give them with the finest quality bed cover to complement the aesthetics of their bedroom. Bichona India offers high-quality and aesthetically pleasing covers that allow the couple to have a more comfortable and relaxing slumber. Bed covers have to be relaxing enough to let the couple to start and end their day with a smile and unique and luxurious to take the design of their bedroom to a higher level. To lookout for more unique and classy designs, you can visit their website to know more. 


 Although it is not compulsory to give gifts to the newly-wed couple, the act of giving is enough to make them feel that everyone is excited about their new chapter. A heartfelt gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For a highly unique yet classy present for the bride and groom, try to visit their Bed Cover Collection and splurge with all of their luxurious bed covers without hurting your pocket.